Location of Marias

Our Beaches

Portugal is well-known for receiving visitors, especially in the North. People are really nice, humble and helpful.
The beach in Furadouro is a beach with a strong fishing tradition and a wide shore in the area of Costa da Prata, in the North of Portugal. It’s one of the best known beaches in the area and it’s famous for the excellent restaurants that serve traditional Portuguese food, seafood and grilled fish. There are some pubs with good music, good beer and “caipirinhas” with a lot of entertainment at night during summer.

The surrounding area

Most of the beaches near this one are divided by rock piers that protect them from the swell entrance and wind. Peaks are mainly right waves but there are also good left waves.

Most of the beaches are surrounded by a pine forest and connected to each other with wooden paths and bike paths. You can take long walks along the beach, go bike riding or go surfskating.

We can choose between deserted beaches or beaches with some visitors to go for our daily surf, but we will rarely find a crowded one. While you’re staying with us, we are pleased to show you different beaches.

How to get here

Porto Airport – 30 minutes by car.

Lisbon Airport – 2.5 hours drive.

Ovar Station – 10 minutes by car.

You can easily catch a public transport, to go to a train station in the city of Oporto or Lisbon, then take the train to Ovar station.

The train journey from Porto takes about 45min.
The train journey from Lisbon takes approximately 3h.

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