Surf is one of the most well-known and difficult sports but also the most addictive one. The feeling of sliding on the waves in perfect harmony with nature is something you can’t describe. You have certified instructors, to teach you in a fun and safe way.

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Stand Up Paddle

SUP is a very complete sport, which allows a unique contact with nature, it attracts people of all ages because it’s really easy to practice. SUP gives you the opportunity to use a board and slide on the waves in the sea, lakes or lagoons. In the nearby areas, you can try SUP in any aquatic environment.


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When you can’t practice surf, this is the closest way of practising it but on solid ground. You can practice on the long avenues, with a beautiful ocean view or skate parks. We can help you start practising it.

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There are long wooden paths that connect the surrounding beaches, so you can take long walks by the sea. You can also walk along the trails in the middle of the forest or use the bike paths, visiting other beaches or the beautiful park Buçaquinho.

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